Alternatives to Investing in the Stock Market

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1. Investing in Gold and Silver

With inflation hitting a 40-year high, many investors have turned to gold and silver. Gold is viewed as a hedge against inflation, and investment in gold typically coincides with an increase in inflation rates. Currently, the gold price stands at an impressive USD 1,885.00 per ounce, while the silver price is USD 21.35 per ounce. Both precious metals are in high demand. They are a store of value and have a high liquidity rate, allowing investors to turn them into cash if needed.

2. Investing in Real-Estate

Real estate is one of the more popular alternatives to investing in the stock market. While there are ups and downs within the real estate market from time to time, the market’s overall growth has continued unabated for decades.

3. Invest in Antiques, Art, and Memorabilia

People easily overlook the potential returns of investing in antiques and art. The saying “someone’s garbage is someone else’s treasure” has never been more applicable in this case. People are often completely unaware of the value of some of their vintage toys, furniture, pottery, antique china, and art. They’ll sell these hidden treasures at garage sales, online, and at flea markets. The more time you spend investing, the more of an expert you’ll become. However, if you want a quicker route to getting started, go to Masterworks, where you can instantly become part of a pool of investors.

4. Investing in Government-Backed Securities

Government-backed securities are a popular low-risk alternative to investing in the stock market. These investments are like loans, except you’re the lender. You get a fixed interest rate in return for lending the government money. You can purchase bonds from federal, state, and municipal governments. You can also buy bonds from companies, which are called corporate bonds.

5. Invest in Your Home

If you own your home, take care of it, and spend wisely on improvements. Focus on renovations that increase its value. Kitchens and bathrooms are the two most common renovations people make because they immediately impact the value of their dwelling. You can also refinance your mortgage by taking advantage of today’s historically low-interest rates or upgrade by selling your home and buying a new one.

Personalized Financial Solutions

At Delta Capital Management, our focus is simple: help you make the most informed decisions about your investments so you’re comfortable with your financial future. If you would like to work with a proactive and resourceful investment firm, contact us today.



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Sean Casterline

Wealth Manager at Delta Capital Management located in Maitland, Fl.