Three Investment Tips for a “Newbie”

1. Don’t chase the noise without watching the trends

When you’re first starting out, you may be drawn to what’s currently “hot”. Our first thought, if everyone is talking about a company, then why wouldn’t you invest?

2. Avoid FOMO

If you’re seeing big investing trends toward one area, that shouldn’t suggest that this area will continue to post solid returns. Avoid allowing an emotional response of fear drive your logical investment decisions.

3. Panic Selling in the Dip

Consider this example: you work with a financial advisor who takes a modest sum of $5,000 into several areas of well-researched stocks and bonds. Then, much like what’s going on right now, everything takes a turn into a bear market.



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Sean Casterline

Sean Casterline

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Wealth Manager at Delta Capital Management located in Maitland, Fl.